BEWARE! TeX THE WORLD causes severe performance problems on Firefox! If you want to help fix this, you're welcome to do but I am not maintaing this anymore. Send me an email at avital@thewe.net or just go do it :)

Install TEX THE WORLD v1.2 (a Firefox add-on)
* works only on Firefox. Install the Firefox browser (if you don't have it yet)

Bundled as part of GreaseMonkey. If you already have GreaseMonkey installed, just install the userscript.

See changes in v1.2


Automatic Action

  1. TEX THE WORLD converts TeX formulas anywhere, on any website, into rendered images. All you have to do is put them between [; and ;] (for example: [;e^{\pi i} + 1 = 0;])
  2. When using interactive websites, like chats, TEX THE WORLD runs every 3 seconds, so chats will be converted as well (have you ever looked for a TeX or LaTeX chat?)
  3. In rich environments like HTML-enabled webmail (gmail, hotmail, etc.), it will convert the TeX formula into an actual image that's embedded in the e-mail you're sending!

Fixing a mistake

  1. Let's say you typed a formula, it got rendered, and then you noticed a mistake. No problem. Just double-click the rendered formula and it will return to the original TeX formula!
  2. Want to fix it and re-render? Just double-click on it again!

How will people know they should install this add-on?

  1. In text-environments like chats and (some) forums (sci.math included), people that will not be running this add-on will see text instead of nice images. This is not horrible, but why not let them enjoy this add-on as well? Just press ctrl-shift-; and a nice pre-defined text will appear telling people where to install the add-on from
  2. Don't forget that in webmails the mail you will be sending will contain an actual image so the other side doesn't need the add-on to see it, but the other side will not know how you created it. So why not press ctrl-shift-; at the end of the e-mail to let the other side know he can install this script?


TEX THE WORLD was written by Avital Oliver with the help of many close friends. TEX THE WORLD is part of a larger project - theWE. For discussions, go here.

If you want to create a stand-alone page with formulas using TeX THE WORLD and not force people to install the add-on, just add the following line somewhere on the page:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://thewe.net/tex/textheworld7.user.js"></script>